Top 10 Technology Stories of 2015

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It goes without saying that our health and wellbeing is inextricably linked with technology these days, for better or for worse.

Movies like Chappie have set imaginations afire with the possibilities of artifical intelligence, while back in reality using our mobile phones to meditate, learn a new language or tinker with virtual immortality is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to where technology is taking us.

With gargantuan leaps in technological applications happening on the daily, a fantastic variety of technology articles have graced the 2015 Top 10 list — the good, the bad and the ugly!

Its anyone’s guess the journey that technology will take us on in 2016, although we can certainly gleam a few hints from the top 10 technology stories of 2015:

1) Digital Drugs – Getting High Online?

2) Sexting – Just A Bit of Fun?

3) Top Meditation Apps

4) Immortality at the Click of a Mouse?

5) Chappie – Just How Artificial is the Intelligence Behind This Robot?

6) What Do Smartphones Do to the Brain?

7) Learn a Language While You’re Asleep

8) Human Bodies – Part of the Internet of Things

9) Meditating Mind Machines

10) Digital Dieting to Prevent Life-Destroying Internet Addiction

Image via Kirill Wright / Shutterstock.

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