Top 10 Psychology & Psychiatry Stories of 2015

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What do insects, cats, psychedelic drugs and the dating world have in common? They are all topics among the most popular psychology articles published here on BrainBlogger in 2015!

You, our brain-bonkers readers, clearly know what’s hot: From the psychedelic assisted therapy movement with the potential to revolutionize pharmacotherapy; to globally influential mental health campaigns; and the gradual answering of some of the most deeply profound questions in psychology.

We hope to deliver even more incredibly fascinating articles to you this 2016. Watch this space…

1) Do Insects Have Emotions and Empathy?

2) Dissociation and Psychosis

3) Cats And Mental Illness – The Role Of Toxoplasma gondii

4) New Theory Reveals Secret to Turning Women On – Desire!

5) Top 5 Persuasion Techniques of 2015

6) The Psychology of Dating

7) Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy – The Mental Health Trip of the Future?

8) Controlling Intrusive Thoughts – Suppress, Repress or Accept?

9) Join the World Mental Health Day 2015 Movement #IAmStigmaFree

10) Practice Being Grateful and Reap the Benefits

Image via enterlinedesign / Shutterstock.

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