Cartoon – Divorce Among Physicians and other Professionals

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A team of researchers reviewed US census data from 2008 to 2013 and looked at divorce data for healthcare and non-healthcare professionals. They found the divorce prevalence to be 24.3% for physicians, 25.2% dentists, 22.9% pharmacists, 33.0% nurses, 30.9% healthcare executives, 26.9% lawyers, and 35.0% other non-healthcare professionals. They concluded that “divorce among physicians is less common than among non-healthcare workers and several health professions.”


Ly DP, Seabury SA, & Jena AB (2015). Divorce among physicians and other healthcare professionals in the United States: analysis of census survey data. BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 350 PMID: 25694110

Image created by Jerry King for Brain Blogger.

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