20 Useful Sites for Medical Students In 2015

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Whether you are a graduate, an undergraduate or a continuing student, the web is one resource material that you can’t do without, and there is a plethora of dedicated student websites available. This piece will attempt to highlight 20 of the most useful websites that medical students can use to make their life easier.

Medical Resource Websites

Part of med student school life involves intensive research work. Webmasters are well aware of the concept and that is why they have designed specific search engines that are fully dedicated to providing medical students with all the resource materials they need. Some of the popular med search engines include:

  • Omni Medical Search – this search engine is dedicated to gathering information from some of the top medical professional web sites. The information that is provided by the search engine is basically from peer level sources. If you are also looking for some of the hard to find medical resources, this search engine has the perfect answer for you.
  • MedNet – the metasearch engine is dedicated to providing med students with all the information relating to journals, associations and new sources among others.
  • Hardin MD – as a University of Lowa sponsored website, Hardin MD provides users with the option of searching for general health topics and disease based on their alphabetical order. Users can also get access to a number of online articles and photos related to their disease search.
  • Healthline – the search engine allows the user to conduct searches on some of the best health sites available on the internet. Ultimately, it helps to reduce the time spent on the internet researching.

Student Reference Sites

The websites listed here can be used as a wonderful source of reference material for med students who wish to conduct additional research.

  • MedicalStudent – this website provides users with a plethora of free online medical textbooks together with helpful links that are well equipped with relevant information in as far as the field of medicine is concerned.
  • MedicalMatrix – quite similar to MedicalStudent as it offers both paid and free links to online textbooks, CME and medical journals. The only difference is that MedicalMatrix is a lot more thorough, as it offers specific links based on speciality.
  • FreeBookCenter – this dedicated website does not only provide free e-books for med students, it also includes books related to Computer Science, Networking and Web Technology.
  • Student Book World – this website compares the prices of books that are available so that the users can have the option of making their own decision before purchasing a book. Their catalogue contains a number of med related books.
  • NCBI Bookshelf – in as much as the National Centre for Biotechnology Information was developed as a source of molecular biology information, their library is expanding from just dealing with biomedical books to including books related to general medicine.
  • The Merck Manuals – these manuals are a series of healthcare related books that can be used by doctors for diagnosis and therapy-based disorders. The best thing about The Merck Manuals is that it is available for free online.

Student Life and Advice

Most of the websites that are found in this category are dedicated to providing advice to students and helping them out with their college or university life. They include:

  • Bright Knowledge – students are provided with essential guides to their careers, education and their general student life. All this is done in a bid to shape their future. The team at Bright Knowledge are dedicated to ensuring that students are offered with all the help they need to work out whatever it is they want to achieve in future.
  • My Math Done – math has always given students a hard time and here students can find all the help they need with their homework problems. They also have a nice blog on multiple educational topics & great infographics.
  • National Debtline – we all know that money management is a skill that needs to be polished over time. For thus reasons, National Debtline – a free, confidential and debt advice service – is dedicated to helping students with constructive advice that will help them deal with their debt.
  • My Money Steps – this is also another dedicated website that provides free online services in advising students about their debts. They are normally available around the clock throughout the week to provide their customers with independent and confidential advice.

Student Money

The websites covered here are dedicated to equipping students with essential money management tips.

  • Student Bank Accounts – this website is committed to providing students with a comparison platform where students can make comparison of the top student bank accounts. The fact that university students are required to have a bank account means that banks are always on the look out and ready to pounce. With this site it becomes much easier to select a bank account of your choice.
  • Buying Brain – a dedicated blog that provides students with essential advice on saving money. Students can learn about the various ways of enhancing their savings while in school to form a good basis for their future.

Student Jobs

At the end of it all, students are looking for employment opportunities in esteemed firms. These websites are designed to assist them with essential tips on how to market themselves:

  • Interview Questions and Answers – fresh graduates normally have a hard time with interviews. This website is basically designed to equip the students with all the essential tips that will give them confidence as they approach an interview panel.
  • My Resume Online – a dedicated website that offers students with all the information on the latest job hunting strategies and other essential techniques. You can expect to learn a lot more about the latest trends in resume writing and also get an opportunity to learn about the different ways of using social media.

Student Accommodation

You can get all the information you’ll need regarding your accommodation from the following websites:

  • Move’m – a website committed to reviewing and advising students on matters related to their accommodation needs.
  • Rate My Roof – here, students themselves are given the liberty of reading, rating and reviewing their student housing.

Each of the aforementioned websites is unique in their own ways and can be used to benefit students differently. Use them to your greater advantage.

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