Cartoon – Energy Drinks Linked to Childhood Hyperactivity and Inattention

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A team of researchers from Yale surveyed over 1,500 middle school students on the quantity and types of sweetened beverages (including energy drinks) they consumed in the past 24 hours and on hyperactivity/inattention symptoms. They found greater sweetened beverage consumption among “boys versus girls and among black and Hispanic versus white students.” After adjusting for number of drinks and other types of drinks consumed, “students reporting consumption of energy drinks were 66% more likely to be at risk for hyperactivity/inattention.”


Schwartz DL, Gilstad-Hayden K, Carroll-Scott A, Grilo SA, McCaslin C, Schwartz M, & Ickovics JR (2015). Energy Drinks and Youth Self-Reported Hyperactivity/Inattention Symptoms. Academic pediatrics PMID: 25676784

Image created by Jerry King for Brain Blogger.

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